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The recipe for happiness

from our gardens to your dish

Food is nature, food is culture. The land and the attention to seasonality of what It is able to produce, are the yeast of our timeless philosophy.


Simple food for intelligent people

Peppe Zullo’s cooking

Feeding our roots, what we are, means working on the research, on the history of our territory, of Its products, of Its real potential, making them reborn, and feeding a respectful development of people, of the environment we all live in and of our history.

Your classy wedding

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The recipe for happiness is fuelled by beauty and simplicity, those offered by the locations built in Orsara by Peppe Zullo, great master of ceremonies of authentic flavors, known for his ability to give back to the palate the uniqueness and simplicity of wonderful tastes.

An unforgettable


Every day spent in these places, among these vineyards, orchards, woods and cellars, every moment here, is an act of reconciliation with what is most true, natural and authentically primordial, It belongs to our most genuine side, a renewed pact with the spontaneous times of our biorhythm, and at the end of the day we will be happily exhausted by being joined to our essence.

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These places are waiting to be the frame of your most beautiful moments, come and visit the estates and taste Peppe Zullo’s genuine, precious and elegant cuisine.