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Ristorante Peppe Zullo

a seed and many fruits

Ristorante Peppe Zullo sits next to Nuova Sala Paradiso and is the seed everything has started from. It is open every day for lunch while in the evening we prefer to give space to the other excellent restaurants of the town. However, It is possible to settle for specific events. Here you can enjoy all of our specialties and spend a light-hearted afternoon in the spirit of excellent seasonal food prepared by Peppe Zullo and his team in our splendid show kitchen. After lunch, if you wish, you can visit the vineyard and the Cantina del Paradiso (Paradise Cellar), or take a walk in the enchanting Orsara, beautiful in all seasons. And if you get tired, you can always choose to stay in one of our Suites and leave the next day.

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