La Cantina del Paradiso

Cantina del Paradiso

Cathedral of Wine

In the belly of Paradise

Seductive vitality

“In this cellar, which is really the belly of Paradise, wine becomes seductive and gains vitality. Perhaps this is due to the constant presence, in every room, of very original, colorful artworks, full of inspiration, irony and fantasy. How are these peasant wines made by Peppe Zullo? Excellent!”
- Franco Ziliani


An underground village where flavors dwell

The wooden barrels containing our Aliuva and Ursaria, the two PGI wines, and the rosé Amarosa, produced by Peppe Zullo's farm, rest there. In the film theater, an enchanting space for ceremonies and conferences, we keep an ancient projector from the old Cinema Paradiso theater of Orsara. Cantina del Paradiso is located below the vineyard. It is the underground house of wine and was designed to reproduce the atmosphere and the paths of a village. Inside, stone arches, frescoed walls, rooms designed as small squares, follow one another.

An Orsara Chef, an artist and an architect, for a work that talks about space, passion and the genius of a place, freeing up Its capacity to welcome and to be Itself a content: Peppe Zullo’s wine cellar, designed by the Architect Nicola Tramonte with the artist Leon Marino’s cooperation, was awarded at the Venice Architecture Biennale as "Wine Cathedral", alongside the greatest names in international Architecture.

According to Nicola Tramonte, It was very easy to meet Peppe Zullo on his way. Both were born in Orsara, both have always been convinced of the need to innovate, to reinterpreting cultural roots and vocations, with the creation of the Piano Paradiso winery. They symbolically placed the first stone on the construction of a village where over the years, thanks to their example, the 'places of generative action' have multiplied.

Our cellar selected for the Venice Biennale is truly a Cathedral of Wine, designed with the purpose to welcome, share bread, preserve the precious commodity stored in barrels and taste It when It's time to be together.